Essay: Racial Discrimination among American Medical Care Providers

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Essay: Racial Discrimination among American Medical Care Providers

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The book evidently brings into limelight the racial discrimination among the American medical care providers (United States Public Health Service) which subjected only the African Americans to 40 years without treatment without using any white American. It also reveals the ethical misconduct by the United States Public Health Service (USPHS) who used fellow humans ad subjected them to years of suffering and eventually offering them death insurance since they know that the victims would eventually die due to the “Bad blood”. The book also reveals the inability of the US government to protect the vulnerable minority people from discrimination but rather uses them to achieve its objectives.

The study, which was fully researched and referenced, brings about the disparity between the African Americans and the white Americans. It further reveals the relationship between the vulnerable African Americans the medical professionals in the Alabama and US at large. It is because of the Bad Blood: the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment that many African Americans do not have confidence on the US health officials and rarely participate in any health trails or offer their organs for donations. They are confident that the same act of discrimination can be repeated again in future despite the call by the then president, Clinton, to the African Americans to have confident on the American health system.

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