Essay: Racial bias in the Canadian English-language Press

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Essay: Racial bias in the Canadian English-language Press

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Henry, Frances & Tator Carol, Discourses of domination: racial bias in the Canadian English-language press

While Henry is among the leading experts in Canada specializing in the area of anti-racism and racism, Tator is a retired professor who has worked in the same filed for more than twenty-five years. Henry started by publishing his first work, which majored in the attitudes received by people of color by the whites. The two have seen the discrimination the people of color receive and have been interested to research in this area and show people the evils associated with racism.

The two are interested in making it known to all races that all people are equal and thus should be treated equally. Their book has encouraged very many people including students, teachers and parents as well as the authorities in Canada and this has helped reduced racism in the country. Their book has been updated three times to come up with the best solutions to racism. By reading the book, people know how it feels to be looked as being inferior to another person.

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