Essay: Quality of Education in UAE

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Essay: Quality of Education in UAE

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Objectives of United Arab Emirates can be achieved when quality of education when support and values of the nationalities are involved (Stewart, 2006). The country is considered to be a recruitment platform which draws both private and public sectors on board by providing employment opportunities.

Careers help in growth of government objectives, so it is important to provide graduate students with opportunities for employment and development. This is an important aspect in getting community to be involved in development and also enhancement of social responsibility. High school graduates are privileged to further their vocational training which leads to specific career opportunities presented by the type of training (Craf and El-Bassiouni, 2006). The government policy of Emiratization got support from vocational education and training. This has played a significant role in supporting the policy and increasing the number of nationals who are active participants in labor markets by replacing expatriate foreign workers (Wilkins, 2001).

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