Essay: Purpose of Cockpit Resource Management

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Essay: Purpose of Cockpit Resource Management

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CRM works on ways and methods of reducing the occurrences of the above-mentioned situations in the minds of the cockpit crew. Juniors in the cockpit are taught to have the right attitude such that they are in a position to report problems if they notice them before their seniors notice.

The junior should not assume that it is his or senior who should notice problems simply because they are more experienced than their juniors are. Most pilots acknowledge that they make decisions in cases of emergence as they would they would do under normal circumstances. It is worthy noting that those who report errors after they have occurred should not be punished since if they are, chances are high that they will not report problems in the future. Several factors pose threats that are experienced in the aviation industry with terrain and adverse weather conditions posing the greatest risk. Though aircraft system malfunction poses a threat to the aviation industry it is important to note that this threat has been reduced significantly by the fact airlines are very serious with maintenance. The staff on the control tower might be ignorant leading to the possibility of giving the wrong messages to the cockpit crew something that can cause an accident. Some other factors like failing to follow rules and regulations knowingly do also pose a threat to the aviation industry albeit on negligible circumstances.

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