Essay: Puerto Rice The Island of Enchantment

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Essay: Puerto Rice The Island of Enchantment

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Puerto Rico is a Spanish word that stands for a rich Port since it comprises of a number of islands with main ones being Mona, Culebra and Vieques. This is a territory in the United States of America and is self-governing and unincorporated. Its location is in the east of Dominican Republic, North Eastern of Caribbean Sea and west of Virgin Islands. This island is also commonly known as “La Isla del Encanto” in Spanish standing for “The Island of Enchantment” (Morris 62). This island was initially occupied by Ortoiroid people who are believed to have the culture of the Amerindians, fishermen and hunters. The native language of the people who live in Puerto Rico is mainly Spanish and English. It should be noted that English is not their first language for it is only taught in schools. The native language of the people who live here is Spanish.

The people who live in this island are from a mixture of four cultures namely Spanish, the recent North Americans, Africans from slavery and the Amerindians known as Taino. The culture inherited from the Africans is that of plena and bomba which is a type of dance and music with is done with maracas and percussions. The Amerindians have come up with a number of names for the musical instruments, foods and municipalities. From the culture of the Spanish, they have inherited the moral and cultural traditions and values, the catholic religion and the Spanish language. From the North Americans who have just migrated to the island, the people have inherited the English language, holiday’s practices and the system of university schooling.

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