Essay: Public Relation in UAE

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Essay: Public Relation in UAE

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Public relation sector is rapidly growing in United Arab Emirates. This career is negatively affected by social, economic, education and culture development. The public relation professions have been employed by ministries and government offices, journalism and mass communication departments respond to ever growing public demands. The future of this career promising, challenge is experienced currently it is future job and practitioners demand are on rise. Emiratis public relations staff continues to play their role traditionally in the real world situations, but they lack control over information flow to public when it comes to use of internet and online communication. (Kirat, 2006).

Pharmaceutical Education and Practice

Arabic speaking religions are well known to have great influence in pharmaceutical sciences and art which are evolving. Conditions of pharmacy education are frequently in transition and the existing programs are emerging. The program undergoes continuous change with an objective of improving the quality to meet local accreditation standards. Clinical training experiences are required for the purpose of graduation; internships have been suggested by regulatory bodies. The expansion of pharmacy schools degree programs present number of opportunities to students wishing to pursue pharmaceutical careers. There is increased emphasis on clinical sciences and pharmacy in curriculum prepares graduates to be competent in delivery of medical services. More pharmacy programs are being launched to meet high demand. United Arab Emirates is actively involved in reducing the dependence on foreign expatriate pharmacists by establishing more pharmaceutical schools to cater training for the locals (Kheir, Zaidan, Younes, Jewesson, Wilbur and El Hajj, 2008).

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