Essay: Public Figures and Right of Privacy

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Essay: Public Figures and Right of Privacy

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The first point that is under debate is whether public figures, or others of renown in public eyes actually have the right to stake a claim to what they term, their own private matters. These figures enjoy the advantages of being in the limelight and extract due compensation because of it as well.

The much sponsorship and other endowments that sports stars and celebrities such as Jace Goody inBritainenjoyed bears testament to this. This leads to the argument that since these individuals enjoy the rapid advantage of being propelled very high in the eyes of the public, enjoying influence over a range of people and even bearing financial rewards through this popularity, the media has a right to reveal information about them that may be potentially harmful to them as well, thus eliminating the boundary with privacy. This is supported by Jane Kirtley in “Bashful Barbra” whereby she outlines how the sentence for property of Barbra Streisand by Allan J. Goodman, judge ofLos AngelesSupreme Court, inferred that celebrities’ privacy can be revealed by the media. This gains more importance in the case of public officials who stand for public office. Information relating to their personal lives may be essential for voters to decide whether they want to elect the person, which highlights the important role of media in this regard.

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