Essay: Psychometric Standards for Norms

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Essay: Psychometric Standards for Norms

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Part 2: Basic characteristics of the test

It is of paramount importance to note that the TONI-3 has characteristics that make it valid and reliable since “it meets highest psychometric standards for norms.” (Brown et al 1997) it takes the minimal time possible to award scores for it takes about 15 minutes to do the examination. It does not discriminate any subgroup in the society thus making it universally acceptable. Since the test really measures exactly what it is meant to measure, it follows that it is reliable, valid and consistent.

Unique administration procedures

The picture book offers a clear understanding of what the examiner may require to do his or her work. Because of this, it gives every student a level playing ground since he is offered an opportunity to prove his abilities. It simplifies the work of the examiner thus giving him the confidence needed when examining students with learning difficulties for the examiner is sure that he will give the student a fair score. This boosts the student’s confidence in the examiner for he knows that he has being judged fairly.

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