Essay: Psychiatric Application

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Essay: Psychiatric Application

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There is a thin line however between what can be classified as “spiritual therapy” and adherence to religion. The latter is based on adopting some ideology and then living by it. Spiritual approaches however go beyond that and attempt to get direct contact with the sacred and the divine. This is left out of psychiatric application in mainstream therapy which has moved more towards chemical forms of treatment, which is sad given its many advantages and therapeutic success.

This approach is financially viable as well. The present trend psychiatry is taking seems to be fuelled a lot by the investments of drug companies which makes the current blend of psychiatrists similar to regular doctors. This medicine based approach is considered a replacement whereas it can hardly match the extended periods of time spent with a patient for counseling.

The spiritual therapy course that I went through did however present me with some of the drawbacks of this approach. Not everyone is trained to handle this and it can result in the exploitation of many patients. Charlatans can easily pretend to be spiritual therapists while exploiting their patients financially and in other ways. However, given the merits of this approach as I discovered in theUnited States, it can truly be an eye opening experience with a sense of harmony following the end of therapy which may be unrivalled in an individual’s lifetime.

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