Essay: Providing Healthcare for Illegal Immigrants

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Essay: Providing Healthcare for Illegal Immigrants

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The rationale behind opening the health clinic is to reduce the facilities cost of care.  Sutter Solano Medical Centers basic cost for examination in the ER is $550; a clinic could perform the same exam at a much reduced $85.50.  Paul Mango, head of health care practice for McKinsey & Co. estimate cost of treatment at a primary care facility is 10-15% of treatment costs at an ER.

The proposed clinic would be funded partially be Sutter Solano, another nearby hospital, and Solano county.  With the opening of  La Clinica’ the issue of large write-offs for Solano Sutter and other hospitals in the area was addressed, but another issue arose after taxpayers complained that, “providing health care for illegal immigrants was rewarding them for illegal behavior,” neither the clinic or Sutter Solano is allowed to ask citizenship status.  This story brings to light how complex the problem of illegal immigration has become in the health care debate.


Legislation should be put in place that will discourage illegal immigrants from entering the US since their presence in the country is affecting the cost of health care in the country. People as well businesses that employ illegal immigrants should be severely punished in order to deter them from repeating the mistakes. Licenses of these businesses should be withdrawn with the directors paying hefty fines and/or jail terms. Without jobs to do in the country means foreigners will not want to go to the US and those who are already in the country will have no choice other than going back home. If fines illegal immigrants pay once they are caught are high, it will act as a deterrent for people who try to enter the US illegally.  The government should know by doing that it would save money.

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