Essay: The protected kingdom

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Essay: The protected kingdom

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There lived two kings and their families in different parts of the savannas. One of the kings who lived in the south was called Err while the one on the north was known as Vic. Err envied Vic because his people admired him for he led them very well. Vic was friendly even to strangers and did not want to be an enemy of anyone. He was aware of the hatred Err had towards him and new that he had to take care of himself to be safe from the ill intentions of Err.

Through the powers of witchcraft, Err visited Vic and killed him, Vic died mysteriously and no one knew of the cause of his death. Life became very tough for Vic’s people and as they were still mourning and preparing to select a new king, Err left his kingdom with his son, Alonso and his wife Carlotta and imposed himself on the People of Vic. He went to live at Vic’ castle with his wife and his two unmarried daughters. He threw out Vic’s family and did not mind to search them a place to stay.

With the new king, the rules had to change for the people from Vic’s kingdom. They had to spend most of their time serving the king rather than working on their own firms. People were killed mysteriously and especially those who protested any of his rules were slaughtered as the others watched and their houses burnt down.

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