Essay: Pros of Business community

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Essay: Pros of Business community

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These outstanding pros cannot be ignored by any aspiring leader, but is quite unfortunate that the dark side of this people centered leadership is that may result to failure in attaining group or organization goals. To solve that, I view it that I should integrate some degree of autocratic aspect into people centered approach to leadership so that it allows involvement and participation of the group or staff in activities (Robert, 2005), while at the same time there is control over activities to curb possible failure.

However, I can not forget to reiterate that current definition of a leader as someone who sets direction in an effort to influences people to follow that direction is a great gain, since it has changed my perception of being a leader. But the daunting task remains in the underlying challenge of how to set that direction and influence people in an acceptable way to everyone in line with business and industrial psychological perspectives, yet to remain professional.

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