Essay: Propaganda of using Media

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Essay: Propaganda of using Media

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It also has been translated into effective propaganda as governments try to bring their own messages across to the public to make them think a particular way. Cutting off news reports regarding the other side’s casualties in a war makes the opposition appear heartless and cruel when seen against your own country’s losses (McChesney 2008). Hitler remarked that Germany lost the First World War because of ineffective propaganda.

            Another important support for the effects of advertisement comes from the familiarity effect. If a person enters a room with a distant relative in one corner and a coworker who he engages everyday on the other, the natural tendency would be to go towards the coworker because humans prefer what is more familiar. The same logic is extended in the case of advertising. Consumers look for brands that they know and have heard a lot about. Therefore the more they see or hear about a product, increased amount of familiarity is created with them and in a homogenous market, consumers have a more chance of picking the product they know of than some other one. Pepsi and Coca Cola have been successfully able to run this routine for decades and have survived the market against both local and international competition.

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