Essay: Project Management Method

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Essay: Project Management Method

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Principles are the basic foundations of any methodology and are termed as guiding obligations for good conduct or practice. The objective of PRINCE2 is to provide a project management method that can be used all over the world in all different types of industries, cultures and organizational setups. Universal methodologies can only succeed if they have a certain set of principles on how these can be applied to the different industries in a uniform manner.

A common critique that PRINCE2 methodology is faced with is that sometimes it can be applied in an over-prescriptive way or too ostensibly. Keeping these drawbacks in mind PRINCE2 2009 was revised and carried with itself a set of principles (resulting from lessons learned from projects which did not do too well or were exceptional) that provided a sound framework for the people part of the project. These principles assist the practitioners in using their judgment in terms of the application of the method and giving them a level of control that is suitable for that particular level, intricacy and significance of the project. (Garton, Colleen 2009, pp. 345-357)

In case a project fails to adhere to these principles it is not being executed using PRINCE2 correctly, as the principles of this methodology are the foundation of what describes a PRINCE2 project. This can be used as an experiment to determine whether a project is being managed using PRINCE2, therefore whether the project is following good project management practice and hence will be able to attain a successful result.

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