Essay: Project Evaluation Plan

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Essay: Project Evaluation Plan

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Evaluation of the extent various processes are implemented. This primarily shall countercheck the resource utility so as to ensure relevant levels of inventory are sustained, the time aspect of project has to be counterchecked with the budgets and finally labor and other accounting overheads incidental to the entire costing characteristics. Evaluation is not limited to quantitative aspects alone. Qualitative evaluation ensures all machinery parts are not damaged in the process of transfer; the social implications are contained so as not to engender overt mutations and that the work is undertaken expeditiously without any anomalies.

Project Audit Process and Closedown schedule

A complete project outlay ought to entail all the substantial stages of the project circumventing all processes. There should be ongoing audit process throughout the project as well as terminal audit scheduled at the end of the project. The two programs should ensure a holistic documentation of the processes and their levels of implementation gauged against the whole project budget.

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