Essay: The Progressive Movement

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Essay: The Progressive Movement

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With more middle class workers and farmers becoming more disappointed by the corrupt uncouth individuals, the Progressive Movement emerged in the 1890s.  The Progressive Movement called for modernization reforms in all offices, sacking of corrupt public office bearers in all sectors of economy and all public offices. Further, the government was required to introduce more efficient systems in the economy. Besides William Jennings Bryan, who was a democrat, other key players from the Republican side in the progressive Movement were Charles E. Hughes, Theodore Roosevelt and Robert LaFollette.

The women began to demand for better schools, equality, suffrage and better working conditions. Jane Adams from Chicago city was among the most well known women. The Progressive Movement succeeded in implementing anti-trust laws in a number of industries that included the railways, drugs among many others. In addition, four major amendments were enacted. These amendments prohibited women prohibition, legalized direct election of senators, introduction of the federal income tax and women suffrage. It is essential to note that the Progressive Movement began sits operation in the 1890s and lasted until 1920s but was most vigorous 1900 and 1918.

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