Essay: Profitability of a Company

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Essay: Profitability of a Company

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Profitability of a company is one of the major issues any person is interested in knowing in any business. This factor determines whether a person can be interested in getting into the same industry or it the greatest risk ever. By reading the two case studies, one expects to know the information about their profitability and their place in the industry. This means that one expects to know their position in the industry by knowing whether they outdo their competitors or they are defeated in the market. A company should be making enough profits to cater for all its expense and still enable the investor be able to save. Since America is a developed country, any company in this country should be able to market globally and the issue of profitability enables this. Profitability is also, what categorizes a company in its industry. It is therefore very important that any company information provided have profitability details in the information showing their expected sales and profits and the differences in what has been achieved.

For TelSys International and Mission Rubber Technologies, several types of information are provided everywhere in the internet. To begin with, one is able to find the history of these two companies in the internet. This includes their founders and how they were motivated to start the companies. It is also in the history that one gets to know their former and current directors and management officials. In the internet too, there is the information provided about the profitability of these companies as well as how they have been fairing all along. Since the company, management has to have goals set and the ways to follow them, there has to be information on what has been achieved and what has not. These goals include sales projections, technologies to apply and the position they wish to gain in the market. This will be achieved by first familiarizing oneself with the size of the market.

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