Essay: Productivity and Performance Effectiveness

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Essay: Productivity and Performance Effectiveness

Sample Essay

Week 1

Define productivity and explain the relationships between productivity, performance effectiveness, and performance efficiency.

Productivity is the process of measuring output as per the input applied in the production process. There is a clear relationship between productivity, performance effectiveness and performance efficiency in that efficiency refers to how capable the resources are in the production process. Effectiveness measures the quality of the production form the resources applied or how valuable a resource is in the production process. Both effectiveness and efficiency are very important terms in production (Baily, & Chakrabarti, 1988).

Explain Theory X, Y & Z and its relevance to the study of management behavior.

Theory X gives the negativity of a person that he dislikes work, is irresponsible and thus has to be supervised closely. Theory Y gives the positivism of a person that he assumes responsibility, is industrious and creative (Goethals, et al, 2004). In management view these two different persons have to be treated differently with one supervised to work and the other left out to control himself. Theory Z combines the arguments in theory Y with Japanese management philosophies.

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