Essay: Process of Strategy Formulation at Starbucks

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Essay: Process of Strategy Formulation at Starbucks

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The fifth and the last step in strategy formulation at Starbucks should be that of aligning the entire organization to be in conformity with the strategy formulated. This is because the process of strategy formulation will require all the employees all days. This implies that all the employees should be well informed of what is taking place and made aware of the role they should play to make the whole process a success. It is not possible to formulate a strategy when some employees are not involved since without knowing what is taking place, they cannot support it (Fisher College of Business, 2009).

After the strategy has been formulated, it has to be executed in two steps. The first step is that of executing relentlessly where by the plans of each individual employee at Starbuck firm need to be reviewed on daily basis. Time has to be allocated to be spent on the activities supporting the initiatives. It times of variances from the expected, corrective measures should be done immediately so that the correct course is immediately in track. The second step involves monitoring, measuring and learning. In the second step, all those involved in the execution process should monitor all the main measures in the execution process, correct the found errors immediately and learn from the earlier committed mistakes. This step makes it easy to execute a future strategy.

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