Essay: Problems due to teen pregnancy

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Essay: Problems due to teen pregnancy

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The rationale for this position is mostly based on the fact that teen pregnancy tends to create more complex problems in the future pertaining to the education and literacy rate of the population, the increase in the crime rate and the moral ethicality of the population as a whole.

Moreover the reason as to why the teenage pregnancy is apparent in the society is due to the stance taken by the media and the entertainment industry about sexual activity. It is depicted to be promising by the media and with certain programs directly targeted at the teens. These teens that are already anxious, going through puberty and feeling resentment and frustrations towards their friends and family tend to avoid interacting with them and listen to their advice. As a result there is a high risk for them to go ahead and conduct acts of impulse which can result in teenage pregnancies. Moreover the responsibility taken by teens for the teenage pregnancy is also very low which results in usually two options for the female, to either carry the baby to full term and or ton get an abortion.

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