Essay: Problem of where to put released child molesters

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Essay: Problem of where to put released child molesters

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Child molesters face a very tough time with the outside population once they are released out of prison. These criminals cause a lot of pain to the children they molest with the attitudes of some of them destroyed forever. A child who has been raped can no longer feel safe, does not trust any man and feels withdrawn from the society. This worsens when he gets to meet the criminal who did the act to her left out free and wandering in the streets once again. For this reason, it can be argued that child molesters should not be let free but given a life sentence. On the other hand, it is expected that criminals are taken prison to transform and therefore should be let free once their jail term is over since they are transformed to the better. Questions will arise, what will happen if the criminal has not transformed? What if he commits similar crimes? Should people trust them once they are out?

Since criminals have to be let out once there jail term is over, the problem will be of where to place them once they are free. For the case of a child molester, he cannot be trusted and since he molests children who can be lied to easily, he can never be placed within the society immediately after he is out of jail. Immediately after they are released out of prison, child molesters should be made to be reporting to an administrative officer everyday. In addition to this, he should be given some communal work to do during daytime hours probably at the administrative office so that his daily actions are monitored. Since they cannot live in the vacuum where there are no other people, for safety purposes, they can be allocated some counselors who try to help them transform, assuming they did not transform once in jail.

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