Essay: The problem of evil

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Essay: The problem of evil

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Evil has been a problem to the world since time immemorial and will continue to exist since humankind cannot control it. God is argued to be saint and thus does not support any evil of any nature. The Bible advocates that sinners will be punished during the last Day of Judgment. This implies that there will be tough punishment and so it is clear that God does not support evil. God is not to be powerful and thus he should be able to prevent all the evil from occurring by controlling all the actions of man. This means that the fact that God lets man sin is a sign that he can allow some form of sin.

Since it is not possible to differentiate the evil from the right without the evil happening is evidence that evil should be there for right to occur. In other words, it is impossible to say that this is right if nothing is evil to compare with. By God allowing evil, he will make it possible to differentiate the two and then choose form what we should do and what we should not do.

Since God is powerful, he should create an actual world rather an imaginary one. Both physical and mathematical laws to make it possible to determine the possible and the impossible should govern the actual world. For instance, a person can throw a rock from a bridge and cause an accident, which is considered as being evil. This evil will have occurred due to the respect of the law of gravity. Since God has all the powers, he can control this by holding the rock and thus prevent the accident. This will mean that the world he has created is not actual since no scientific principles apply. This will only be an imaginary world where God’s plans hold.

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