Essay: How the problem of Cyberbullying is presented

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Essay: How the problem of Cyberbullying is presented

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Taking into consideration that cyberbullying targets children while when it happens to adults it is referred to as cyberstalking, there are several ways in which the problem is presented to either target. The kids are most vulnerable targets of cyberbullying due to their early stages of psychological development. Through the message in their social networking, their phones and emails, they end up getting intimidated (Shariff, 2008, pp. 10- 19).

Due to cyberbullying, some of the messages that are sent to the teenagers and kids that are psychologically tormenting include the following:

  • You are the ugliest student in our class
  • Everyone hates you and you deserve to die
  • You are the fattest student in our area
  • They may also be sent picture messages displaying them as social misfits
  • I know you and I will get you and kill you tonight

Through computer hackers, the hackers can hack in to the victim’s computer, get the email password, and send emails to other people that may be intimidating them. The hackers can also corrupt their computer and wipe out some essential data in the hard drive or alter the existing data. They may also change the password and lock them from accessing their accounts or send them viruses into their computers (Willard, 2007, pp. 57-72).

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