Essay: Private Sectors of Education in UAE

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Essay: Private Sectors of Education in UAE

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The strength of Emiratis has been derived from harsh and arid environment which contributed to remarkable social effect and economic development. United Arab Emirates has prioritized education excellence for all its nationals by providing free education from K-12 to university levels. Private sectors of education have been encouraged by government to offer education which has highly contributed to high quality education. The privatized education systems have encouraged the growth and globalization of education by providing new ways of education qualifications and ideologies.

These resulted to generations of revenues and new markets being developed. Affirmative actions have been developed to satisfy career and employment opportunities by linking education and employment, since education has impact on employment (Stewart, 2006). The article seeks to evaluate what are career opportunities available for high school graduates in the United Arab Emirates. Education is perceived to be a driving force in career development and basic tool in labor markets in today society. The economical growth and national development largely depends on level of education and career opportunities available.  The United Arab Emirates government Education System was established under the founding president Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who was concerned with well being of all people. Wealth from oil proceeds were used for benefit of Emirates locals in form of education (Stewart, 2006).

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