Essay: Privacy and Crime

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Essay: Privacy and Crime

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Security issues in both Nigeria and in the United Kingdom are issues of great concern to the hotel industry. Threats of unauthorized access to information to information and the welfare which is normally considered to be of great importance to the strategic performance of industry is one of the major threats in the hotel industry.

Due to the sensitivity of the dignitaries who visit the hotels in both countries, a lot of attention ought to be dedicated to welfare and security issues in the industry. Crime rates on issues such as suicide bombing, infringement on customers’ privacy and their luggage requires a lot of attention.  England’s security industry boosts a lot of high skilled security advancement (The New York Times Guide to the Business Essential Knowledge 2007). The scale of technology advancement in the UK also had led to very recent technological expertise being used to advance the levels of security that is so much desired in the United Kingdom. The variations in the levels of advancement in technology in England and in Nigeria explains the reasons why hotel industry in Nigeria boost a lot of capabilities in ensuring that the standards of livelihood in the industry is of great standards. The use of automatic doors and gun detector systems such as the automatic gun detective doors, hand held gun detector systems and other small inbuilt security checking systems dictate the levels to which security ought to be enhanced in the country (Lewis 2007). Even though Nigeria enjoys higher standards of security in the hotel industry, a number of issues need to be enhanced in order to level all security standards to those of other world leading hotels standards.

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