Essay: Principal cause of social problems

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Essay: Principal cause of social problems

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It is believed that the principal cause of social problems in the society today is the exploitation of the poor by the rich. This oppression is what creates the conflict in the social order. Today, in sectors such as sports, education and crime just to mention a few, there are so many social inequalities that need to be addressed. Here is a brief description of the conflict as pertains to sports, crime, and education.

In education there is a tendency in teachers in discriminating between the student at the lower level and those at the higher level. This may happen because the students in the lower level still need to develop their language skills, thinking skills and especially critical thinking and social abilities and skills. Here, the children at the lower age are taught to obey and follow prescribed rules and so on and so forth. In this regard, they are not affirmed so that they can be autonomous in their dealings; contribute to issues that need analytical skills and worse of all is that they are never given an opportunity to express themselves. Structures of education even go to the extent of separating lower schools with upper schools. It is important to take into account the fact that schools play very influential role in the social order and as such can breed animosity and inequality among civilizations. It is true that schools may propose use of a particular language, it could be French, German or Portuguese, name them. For instance, if schools authorize that all students speak in French then the chances are that the French speaking students may undermine the English speaking students and so on and so forth.

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