Essay: Preventing Teen Suicide

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Essay: Preventing Teen Suicide

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Professional counseling could be of much help, as this will give the teen skills to cope with life’s tribulations. Once the teen gets to know how to deal with his or her problems then the desire to hold ones life disappears. Alternatively one can go for the option of changing the residential address for some time even it means taking one to a boarding school or a facility offering special treatment where the teen is offered 24-hour surveillance to prevent any attempts of suicide. Of more importance is the fact that most treatment facilities have trained staff capable of helping the teens professionally to leave their suicidal minds.

The last result is to go the option of medication, which should be done after all the other ways fail. It is of paramount importance to note some of the medication can bring about opposite effects to the ones desired.  Studies have shown that some anti-depressants might increase the chances of suicide, so it is better to understand ones needs before going for any medication.

It is always of paramount importance to treat teens with respect and understanding, since this gives teenagers confidence in what they do thus increasing their self-esteem. When a teen feels that someone loves and cares for him, it gives him a reason to live. A teen that is contemplating suicide ought to be shown that someone is there for him and is willing and in a position to help.

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