Essay: Preventing Kidney Stones

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Essay: Preventing Kidney Stones

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However, some complications can be avoided. To avoid those complications it is advisable for such people to avoid medication like aspirin or others that affect blood clotting. It is usually recommended for patients to avoid those medicines for few weeks before treatment. There has been reported of some cases where kidneys stones, which have already been crushed, cause some blockage, as they move through the urinary tract and cause some discomfort. A small tube called stent is sometimes put through the bladder to ureter. This is done to help in the smooth passage of those fragments.

One should note that at times one procedure of EWSL may not be enough and it might require another treatment for the kidney stones to be completely shattered. It is recommended for the doctors to brief their patients. They should inform them about the potential risks and complications that are involved in the process. Even with the disadvantages known about EWSL it remains one of the based methods known today.

In some cases, the EWSL fails completely to be effective in dealing with kidney stones. This happens when the size of the kidney stone is too large for the shocks to break down the kidney stones. In addition, a stone can be in a location where the shocks cannot allow its application. In the case like above then another method is opted to remove the kidney stones. This method is known as percutananeous nephrolithotomy. This method involves making a small incision in the back and making a tunnel straight to the kidney. With the aid of an instrument called nephroscope, the surgeon locates and removes the kidney stone. There are some cases when the kidney stone is too large and hence it hard for it to be removed. In such a case, energy probes ultrasonic or electohydraulic is recommended. The energy device is used to subdivide the kidney stone in to smaller fragments. It usually takes few days for the patients to recover after the procedure has been done. In some cases, a small tube called the nephrostomy tube is left in the kidney for the recovery process.

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