Essay: A preserve for the rich

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Essay: A preserve for the rich

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The high cost of training facilities in the United States of America and other countries in Europe have made it very hard for most youth to excel in sports without venturing in other shortcuts. Sporting activities in the United States have been known to be a preserve for the rich. The amounts of money spent in sporting activities have resulted into better performance. The rich in countries such as Australia, Germany and in the United States of America invest a lot of money in training and in other sporting activities.  Consequently the cash invested in training results into better performance by the athletes.

In the United states, the majority of youths who greatly wish to excel in sports and do not afford the training costs or even hire better coaches resort to the induction of drugs into their bodies. The drugs are believed to add more stimuli into their bodies resulting in much better performance. The drugs are at times easily available and the performance enhancement drug dealers targets sports persons that portray good talent and the willingness to greatly achieve better results with (Heath, 2004). Ignorance of the youths on the long term negative effect of the drugs to their bodies is greatly exploited by the drug sellers. It is therefore evident that the American belief of excellence has had a great contribution to youth’s usage of performance enhancement drugs.

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