Essay: Prediction of the null hypothesis

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Essay: Prediction of the null hypothesis

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If the prediction of the null hypothesis is contradicted by experimental observations then the only possible explanation could be that it is false. It may also mean that there is some element of improbability in the weighing system. That is, it may be difficult to claim that there is actually a standard system of weighing.

One gallon may as well be more or less depending on certain situations and conditions. This may offer the company a high confidence in refuting the null hypothesis which can be improved by increasing the number of samples to be weighed. However, accepting the alternative theory subjects the company to a difference in the observed weight differences. In other words, it does not prove that the company is right or the machine that the statistician used lack any default. The difference in the quantity could be as a result of factors that may not be known to me or the clients. Such reasons could be that the paints loses some mass after being packed.

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