Essay: Practicing Positive Liberty

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Essay: Practicing Positive Liberty

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It is true to argue that positive liberty is one of the liberties that are essential to people in a country that exercises human freedom. However, positive liberty is found to have many dangers associated with it and not found in the negative liberty. It is very possible to find some people who are supposed to intervene in this type of liberty doing it for their own desires.

The ordinary citizen has the role of appointing the person he wishes to rule him but once the person has been appointed, it is not possible to control his actions. Since all the freedoms exercised by one have to be controlled under positive liberty doctrine, it follows that the person in rule will intervene in the actions of the others to act in his favor. It therefore follows that positive liberty can be used by a person especially a politician to advance his political desires and thus hurt the ordinary citizens. Political totalitarianism is advanced by positive liberty even though it is meant to help the citizens, it mostly benefits the politicians.

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