Essay: Practice of knowledge-based public policing

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Essay: Practice of knowledge-based public policing

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Turning now to the practice of knowledge-based public policing in the society, here will see how the police can build their operations on the principles of social groups and identities discussed previously. It is of great value if the police take into consideration the identities of the crowds. Here, the police take cognizance of the set of guidelines inherent in these social groups. In other words, they become the windows through which they carry out their policing activities. Knowledge-based public order policing commences within the frame of the information regarding this social identities.

The police should focus mainly on strategic responses to crowds’ events that are geared towards maximizing the objectives of the crowds. This almost sounds a contradiction. Well, this does not mean that police should sympathize with lawlessness or flawed activities, no; they must maintain law and order at all times. It is true that some of the mobs intend to engage in illegal activities which the police should never permit; but there are those crowds that seek to champion their objectives in a legal and moral approach. By not interfering with this process, the police will gain recommendable cooperation from the crowd and even get assistance from the very crowd in dealing with those small groups that carry out illegal activities. However, the police cannot achieve this if they do not understand the conscience of the group. Here, the conscience connotes the belief system of the group.

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