Essay: Power of Advertising

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Essay: Power of Advertising

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This is because a person is not for an idea but once it has been advertised, he wants to do as it has been in the advert. A person is aware that he is need of something but due to the variety of items that has been created in the United States, it is very difficult to decide on the product one wants. Other people do not see the need of some items although they are essential to their lives. For instance, a person in the U.S might have used the old system of washing for quite a long time that he does not see the need of a washing machine. Another person might have might just opt for a candle rather than electricity. With advertising, they get to purchase these items.

United states is usually more developed when compared to some other countries for it uses advertising to create demand. People are made to purchase the items they did not even think of. A company has to be innovative so that it makes its products look qualitative in the eyes of the customers. Through this, they will win the customers over their competitors and it is advertising which can make this dreams come true.

With a good network of communication and transportation, a firm is able to reach wide range of customers regardless of the distance. This makes people in almost all over the country behave the same and this is what is termed as mass culture and mass entertainment as people can share same cultures and entertainments.

Mass marketing is of great help when it comes to mass marketing. It is able to reach to a wide range of people in a very short time. For instance, marketing of cool was done in the 1920’s and since it was with the aid of the media, it was very efficient. It just needs somebody who has a catchy message and this will make the targeted group purchase whatever it is advertised to them in groups.

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