Essay: Post Confucian Hypothesis

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Essay: Post Confucian Hypothesis

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Confucian value has formed the public’s values, norms, and decision-making standards in those societies for a long time, and they cannot disappear in hundreds of years. ‘Peter Berger’ called the theory that Confucianism remains as East Asian people’s behavioral norms so it has an influence on their behaviors‘post-Confucian Hypothesis’. This hypothesis is that Confucian ethics are the major variable of explaining the economic achievement of several countries in East Asia. “It is inconceivable to me that at least some of the Confucian-derived values intended by the hypothesis a positive attitude to the affairs of this world.

A sustained lifestyle of discipline and self cultivation, respect for authority, frugality, an overriding concern for stable family style should not be relevant to the work ethic and the overall social attitudes of the region” (Berger 7-8). This suggests that Confucian ethics are still alive in today’s westernized environment and thus have a significant influence on people’s preferences and decision-making in East Asia. It is irrelevant to the popularity of Hallyu culture. Like all other facets of human behavior, however, the acceptance of Hallyu culture cannot be described with just a few elements. For instance, if the stories of Korean dramas were not interesting, the apparel and settings of them were not luxurious, and the actors/actresses were not handsome or pretty, the Korean dramas could not win East Asian viewers’ interest however great their messages were. Therefore, a social consensus based on Confucian values can take effect when other conditions have been met.

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