Essay: Positive Impact on the Society-Structural Intervention

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Essay: Positive Impact on the Society-Structural Intervention

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To sum up the paper, the structural intervention in British Columbia province in Canada shows significance positive impact to the society. This is evident through policy change that saw number of admission increase to in care. However, to the community there are various gains and lesson that makes it useful. The poverty reduction programs which are facilitated by increased income and other supports to address Family Poverty are such useful incentives that meet the local needs. As a result, poverty rates have gone down slightly, while depth of poverty, the gap between the poverty line and the actual resources of families has remained steady. With a call for a universal child tax credit for all and an income tested child allowance for families earning less than $40,000 to provide a base amount of $4000 per child annually.

Community building has taken a lead through these structural interventions as precious members of the community being given a future while opening opportunities for the rest members of the society. This can be said to be grate achievement to the community. Before the formalization of the structural intervention cases of children abuse or/ and neglect was 44% in 1896, but today this rate has reduced to 9.14% as per the 2004 statistics that is bound to reduce. While number of children admitted to the in care and residential schools increasing. For example from1993 to 2001 the number increased from 4,100 to 8,759 children. However, more has to be done to ensure greater efficiency in the latest policies in balance with the societal welfare.

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