Essay: Poor economic conditions in developing nations

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Essay: Poor economic conditions in developing nations

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Most destinations of funds meant for conserving the environment is the poor nations (Keohane & Marc, 1996, p. 4). This is proved by the fact that Africa receives the biggest share of these funds. Between 2004- 2005, the total official development assistance for Africa rose by 32 percent from the previous period to US$ 107.1 billion (Ramutsindela, 2007, p. 111).

This means that poor nations are the least contributors to conservation measures. This is attributed to the fact that they are poor. Countries with high poverty rates have vey poor records of conserving the environment, which are very common with African states. Erecting preconditions for those countries to receive environmental aid will be futile, as nobody will diver their attention from the struggle foe better economies. The European Conference of Council of Europe, (1994, p. 19) further clarifies that it is also probable that citizens of such nation have poor educational backgrounds about the need to conserve the environment.

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