Essay: Policy Responses on Anti Social Behaviors

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Essay: Policy Responses on Anti Social Behaviors

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Everyone desires to live in safe and quiet environment where people live with each other peacefully. This can not be the case always since there are anti social behaviors which cause real world problems (Basingstoke and Deane). The impact of social deviance is extremely dangerous and has negative effect on individuals and community as a whole. People who engage themselves in anti social behavior put their lives, family members and wider society lives at risk.

Effective responses on tackling anti social behaviors are diverse and as a matter of fact communities have developed various responses to reduce social problems; Responses are prevention, intervention and enforcement (Nacro 2003; White 2007). Individuals can help police and other agencies to tackle problems in their localities by reporting social disorders; this may prevent the occurrence of same problem thus, making community safe. Evidence from victims and witnesses is important because it demonstrates the distress by displaying how it damages the community (HM Government 2010).

The fact is that accurate evaluations on interventions have been made in attempt to reduce anti social problems which proved to be effective. There is importance of making informed decisions on future intervention policies and programs. Despite the appealing initiatives, there is no strong support in evaluating interventions for effective development of social policies and programs (Rubin et al., 2006).  The most effective treatment is through having thorough knowledge and understanding on social problems in order to address factors that influences anti social behaviors (Halliday-Boykins 2004).  Responses made to prevent and tackle social disorders involves; education and awareness, interventions, restorative justice, mentoring and therapies.

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