Essay: Police exists for the sake of youth

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Essay: Police exists for the sake of youth

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It can be argued and justifiably so that the main objects of the police are the youths in any social system. The police are quick to respond to crimes where the youths are involved and less where there are other ages like children or elderly people in their middle ages, for instance. In line with this, when women take to the streets hardly will you see police try to prevent them from the demonstrations.

In fact, such an instance is brushed-off. Whenever it is a riot by a group of youths, police respond instantly and with all the weapons possible. It is almost the case that police exist for the sake of the youths. Or better still; police institutions exist to deal with the youths in the society. The overall tone in policing has the youths as the object of study, it seems. While it is true that the young people are more inclined to commit malicious acts; considering that they are young, energetic, flexible and swift and above all, in their stage of self-discovery that can lure them in creating havoc in the public safety. Their energy for instance, can lure them to burglarize a building and even destroy every thing in it; their flexibility and swiftness can make them escape the police by making good runs contrary to what their parents or grandparents would do.

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