Essay: Plot Summary of Lord of the Flies

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Essay: Plot Summary of Lord of the Flies

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Amid a war, an airplane evacuating some British schoolboys is brought down over an uninhabited tropical isle. The bespectacled, fat Piggy and the heroic, athletic Ralph are the first survivors to meet each other. Using a conch, they summon other survivors. Jack – a choir leader – emerges as another potential leader. Owing to his kindness and democratic ideals, Ralph – the newly-nominated group leader – assigns Jack the role of gathering food for the group. Piggy acts as Ralph’s intelligent but unpopular backup.

Rumors of a beast scare many boys. To alert passing vessels, Ralph directs the group to light a fire. By focusing the sun’s rays onto Piggy’s glasses, the boys light some dead wood. This fire however swallows up the forest as the boys fail to monitor it, instead, concentrating on playing. One among the youngest boys disappears, presumably after being burned. The group becomes increasingly disorganized. Ralph and Jack hold varying ideas about the island. Only Simon – who represents spiritualism, religion, and goodwill – demonstrates willingness to construct shelters.

Ironically, when they are about to be rescued, the boys descend into chaos. A vessel passes by when Jack and some boys are out hunting. The unattended fire is thus not seen by the ship. A brawl ensues, leaving Piggy’s glasses shattered. Consequently, Jack and fellow choir members become tyrants, thus begging the question of how the angelic boys could transform so fast.

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