Essay: The Play Trifles

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Essay: The Play Trifles

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The play Trifles opens in the kitchen of John Wright, which is in an abandoned farmhouse and looks gloomy. It is gloomy as the people who are since they are trying to solve the murder of Mr. Wright, which happened as he was sleeping. The men who are doing the investigation do not want to listen to the opinions of the present women for they feel that they (men) are superior to them. The quote by Ruth Benedict shows how cultural stereotype can be dangerous in the society. She says that it is important to listen to everyone’s opinion since there is no single person who is able to make “pristine” opinions. On the other hand, the movie Twilight of the Golds opens as Suzanne Stein has married a genetic researcher by the name of Rob Stein. After Suzanne becomes pregnant, her husband offers the unborn baby for tests in their laboratory. Tests on the unborn baby who is healthy show that the baby has 90% chance of becoming a gay after the baby grows up. Susan has a gay brother by the name of David and she is torn between keeping the fetus and aborting it.

When Suzanne realizes that, she is carrying a baby that will develop into a gay she starts contemplating abortion. Family values in her home do not allow her to abort. They want her to keep the baby since there is a chance of not being a gay. Her brother David who is gay hates the idea that her sister wants to abort the kid just because she will be gay. This shows how making decisions is hard as still evidenced in the play, Trifles which shows the ignorance that the investigating men are showing to the present women. Making perfect decisions is a very hard thing for every human being and sometimes we are torn between making a choice. Ruth Benedict evidences this in her quote. It is of paramount importance to note that the family of Suzanne did not even approve the path that had been taken by David. They have realized that David became gay because of some genetic factors, which are hard to understand.

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