Essay: How the US can play the role to bring peace in the Middle East

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Essay: How the US can play the role to bring peace in the Middle East

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Fighting in Palestine has continued for so many years due conflict between Israel and Palestine over resources, especially land. Though several parties have made efforts to solve the existing problems amicably, the extreme Palestine’s and the extreme Israelites have continued to engage in terrorist attacks killing many innocent civilians and destroying infrastructure. The main cause of interest is land in the East Jerusalem plays critical religious importance for both the Muslims and the Jews hence causing a conflict of interest.

Initiatives by the United Nations along with the other superpowers like the United States of America can be play a crucial role in bringing peace in Middle East. The citizens of United States and those of Palestine define peace in differently since they have different needs and are at different stages of the Mallow’s hierarchy of needs. . In reference to 1962 Kanafani novel, Men in the Sun, the novel is closely explains what is happening in Middle East. Though it does not discuss about political issues, a deeper understanding of the novel enables one to conclude about the four protagonists clearly representing what is happening to the civilians residing in Middle East.

This research paper focuses in the conflict in Middle East, how the US can play role to bring peace in Palestine, the relationship between the Kanafani novel, Men in the Sun and Palestine and the different definitions of peace between residents of Palestine and those of US.

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