Essay: Plantation working conditions

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Essay: Plantation working conditions

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In order to facilitate mass production to realize economies of scale, labor shifted from free labor to slave labor bought fromAfrica. The African slaves were preferred because of their strength, cost effective with high output, and ability to survive in the extreme conditions as opposed to reports which indicated that horses were unsuitable; due to their short life span and limited working hours. In regard to treatment of slaves, they received a horrible treatment needless to explain to a civilized human being.

Slaves were exposed to extreme brutality, physical hardship and bare survival on the plantation estates. Sadly, women were exposed to various plights from sexual abuse from their masters and their sons to consequences of sexual division of labor, while at the same time under pressure to bear children as reproduction of sugar estate direct producers or labor sustainability role (Beckley, 1989; Dunn, 1972). Thus, commercialization of the sugar estates lead to cruel working conditions that are associated with the rise of sugar economies.

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