Essay: Pirates in The High Wind of Jamaica

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Essay: Pirates in The High Wind of Jamaica

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Emily sobs, “But I don’t want any more adventures” (36). She views life as confusing, uncomfortable and irresponsible. Life is precious, whether it belongs to a child or not. All lives must be treated with dignity. In the novel, it is as if the lives of the children on board are of lesser value especially from the rampant unwarranted murder of children and the despising that follows. If only the pirates did not involve the children in their mission, the children will not have acted in any questionable ways. All the ill actions by the girls and especially by Emily can be attributed to the fact that the girls have to harden to be able to survive in the kind of life they are exposed to. Each of them has to do all it takes to be safe since no one seems to care about them.

Hughes explains in the novel, “Much the best way of escaping from an embarrassing rencontre, when to walk away would be an impossible strain on the nerves, is to retire in a series of somersault, Emily immediately started turning head over heels up the deck” (32). The merciless pirates catch up with a girl who is mistaken to be the killer of the captain and is quickly thrown to her own death overboard. Truly the pirates are a merciless lot who deserve no mercy at all. Instead of reasoning and trying to establish the circumstances that made the captain to be killed, they simply react so fast and throw the innocent girl overboard. This is perhaps the epitome of cruelty at the very basic. This is a proof that the pirates are guilty for their cruel actions and all they do is for their own good. They do not mind the lives and rights of the children

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