Essay: Pierre Bourdieu’s Theory on Social Stratification

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Essay: Pierre Bourdieu’s Theory on Social Stratification

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The theory describes social stratification as an approach in which individuals are grouped in the society. It is perceived as capability of people to live according to rules set within the society and regarded crucial to the group. The term refers to arrangement of people into groups of power and wealth within the community.  The theory is classified into main categories habitus, field and capital and related concepts such as praxis and power. The theory uses praxis concept as social action and power to analyze the society.

Praxis is related to Webber’s conceptualization; it describes social actions and implies fundamentals features of human production in community to meet basic needs thus individuals actions are natural. It refers to an action in which humans produce and reproduce in the society in its culture, social end economic dimensions. It has role of acting as dialogue between the individuals’ acts and development in society. Financial praxis links individuals and a group sharing common interests resulting to satisfaction or dissatisfaction hence renewal of social organization of production in community which changes distribution of material wealth and forms of acquisition.

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