Essay: Physical Punishment to Control Children in School

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Essay: Physical Punishment to Control Children in School

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Physical punishment is not forbidden in all the countries in the world. Some countries defend the teachers, and parents who implement discipline in their children by use of physical punishment. This implies that physical punishment is legalized in these countries but does not guarantee the teacher to implement it carelessly for it has limits. Law reform is advocated so that there is no defense whatsoever to any teacher who uses corporal punishment on the child.

It is noted that psychological control should be used as a means of punishment in that the gratitude and guilt of the children is used to control their behavior (Barber, 2008). There are ways in which psychological control can be used to control the behavior of the children. This include making the children understand that their parents have sacrificed so much for them, how they feel ashamed when the children disappoint them and how they appreciate them when they behave well. These methods are the best for they make children score good grades in school.

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