Essay: Persuit of the Good

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Essay: Persuit of the Good

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According to n Maritain (1951), states that a human being is endowed with two intrinsic faculties namely intellect and will. Intellect enables a human being strive for truth or knowledge and the will enables him strive for good[1]. In more clear terms, the object of the intellect is truth and the object of will is good.

The abovementioned assertions explain why man frowns at infringements hindering his/her acquisition of the good and in particular, his good. In addition, this explains why pursuit of the good is of great concern in the modern world today. The good mentioned above is no different with the common good. This study establishes the purpose of law and how it acts as an avenue for goodness in man. The views of Aristotle on politics and ethics, Aquinas’ Summa Theologica, George Will’s Statecraft as Soulcraft and Maritain Jacques’ Man and The State shall be used to support the above hypothesis. An analysis reflecting the enactment of law in the community and the intention of making men good shall be considered herein.

[1]  Maritain, Jacques. Man and The State. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1951, p.213

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