Essay: Personality and Intellectual Development

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Essay: Personality and Intellectual Development

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The development of one’s personality and intellect does not cease as we age. As adults we can develop new interests, and continue to explore new avenues of academic study. People think that as we age memory and intellect tends to decay, but this is not the case. As adults we take up new hobbies, and interests.

Adults and elders also have a better sense of what they are interested in. For instance they will study history rather than math or science because that is what they are interested in. According to Learning.Org (2009), one key to remaining intellectually healthy as we age is to maintain outside interests and to continue to explore and to learn new skills. Verbal skills tend to can increase as one ages as can one’s mathematical skills and reasoning skills because one has greater experience and practice in using those (Growing Old in a New Age , 2009).

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