Essay: One Perfect Rose

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Essay: One Perfect Rose

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With the words ‘one perfect rose’ in the poem by Parker, I cold remember a very unique rose flower I was bought for by my sister a week before her death. It is the only rose flower I have ever received and I have sweet memories of it. By looking at it, it makes me remember how much I loved my sister. We had a very sweet life even without a father. I have to look at the snap I was taken when my sister was handing the flower to me as it makes my life continue.

By the words ‘one perfect limousine’ in the poem by Parker, makes me remember of the many better presents I cold have received from my sister and mother. It is not that the rose flower I received is not worth but it is not enough when I imagine of the more valuable gifts I could have received so far. I further remember of a car that my mother had promised me once I improved in my class work in high school. By reading the poem, I become very bitter as a try to imagine of the nice life I could be living. I have to keep their sweet memories no matter how much I try to forget them. They keep me going.

The limousine makes me wish my family were still with me. It makes me feel like I did not want the rose flower anymore but only my family. It is only through them being live that I could get my limousine. This does not mean that I do not love them but their presents but in the reality, I love them with passion and with my childhood love. The love I had for them when they were alive still holds.

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