Essay: Should People Pay Income Tax

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Essay: Should People Pay Income Tax

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There are a number of other factors used to determine whether or not people should pay income tax and by how much. According to Marx (2007), people who pay taxes could be allowed individual tax exemptions based on their respective filling status. Children do not attract income tax since they have not reached the working age thus have no salaries.  The military personnel also do not attract taxes. Due to the crucial role they place in ensuring security to their country, the military personnel are not exempted from income taxes and most of the other taxes which they incur.

Income tax exception may however be considered only if they pay their tuition fee. People in the military and children are always exempted from tax thus they do not incur any income tax. Tax exception to the military personnel normally comes inform of the reduced cost of the products and services they receive in their work stations. Selling points in the Army barracks for instance have shops and other retail businesses that offer very subsidized products and services (Marx 2007). Whether or not a given organization is a non-profit making organization or a charity based organization or not also affects the amount of income tax collected from it. Nonprofit making organizations are not expected to make incur profits. Such organizations offer very vital services to the society which may not be possible to offer under normal circumstances. No tax is normally collected from such organizations. Exempting charity organizations and other related not-for-profit organizations enable them to efficiently provide critical services and services under reduced costs. Additionally, people with disability do not always have full capabilities which other fully able people would have. Depending on the seriousness of the disability, tax exemption could either be applied fully or partially after the seriousness of the exemption has been assessed (Johnsson 2009).

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