Essay: Penetration of Computers in Saudi Arabia

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Essay: Penetration of Computers in Saudi Arabia

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Individual computer ownership has increased greatly and now lies at 77% (See appendix C) while the ownership of computers by home users lies at 49% which is an increase from 43%, a figure recorded in 2007. Penetration of computers in the different provinces of Saudi Arabia was also considered and the most penetration was recorded in Eastern province with 51% while the least penetration rate was recorded in Najran and Jizan at 31%. However, it was noticed that high penetration of computers was recognized at high social class people with 89% and 59% for the low social class people (See appendix D). Laptop ownership is seen to be increasing greatly with 60% reported to having owning it in the year 2008. This shows an increase considering the figure of 49% which was reported in 2007.

Since ownership of computers does not guarantee usage, usage rates were also considered. This has been seen to be increasing in relation to 60% that was recorded in 2007 and 65% recorded in 2008. All citizens have been seen to be using computers even if it is once a week. 8% has been reported to be using computers less often and this was mainly witnessed in women. It has also been found that internet usage in women is decreasing from 60% in 2007 to 54% in 2008. Further, it has been found that both computer and internet usage is high for the young generation between 15-34 years old. This implies that the usage decreases with increase in age.

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